I am LiHeng, director of Overseas Divission, WellinTech Co., Ltd. It’s 24 years of WellinTech Corporation since its inception, I have been working in WellinTech for 15 years. Not long after graduating from college in 1999, I came to Beijing to join WellinTech, and it had just been established for two years then. At that time, the office was in ZhongGuanCun, the Silicon Valley of Beijing, on a small gray second floor. The office did not have a water dispenser, so employee used to go to the water supply room of the doctoral academy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to pick up water. The water room in the morning was full of people and all of them were doctors from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The present well-established WellinTech inherited a strong technological gene: Out of 16/17 employees were Tsinghua graduates. Of them, one was a Tsinghua current student, and one was PhD candidate from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Just right after the graduation and coming here in Beijing, I used to feel like a piece of white paper, surrounded by extraordinary talents every day, full of admiration and awe for high-end talents and advanced technology, which was the atmosphere of the company's start-up period.

Because of the company’s high starting point and long vision, “KingView” soon became the first brand in the field of industrial automation in China. In China, "KingView" become another term of configuration software, so many people only know KingView but not WellinTech. A magazine interviewed our company's development process. President Lin proposed that the company's vision is to "become a world-class automation software service provider" and "cultivate world-class employees". Now we have been striving to realize the vision of "world-class" and "best in the world".

In Akihabara, Tokyo, under the proposal of the company's consultant, the company and the founder of WellinTech determined that the English name of WellinTech was changed from WellinControl to WellinTech, implying that WellinTech provides high-quality technology to the whole field of industrial automation starting from simple factory monitoring software.

Today, with the collaborative efforts of our colleagues, we have many branches, such as WTJ (WellinTech Japan), WTK (WellinTech South Korea), WTT (WellinTech Taiwan), WTS (WellinTech Singapore). We also have members in India and Canada.

I once accompanied the founder of the company to visit a factory of Panasonic, Japan. Three flagpoles were set up in front of the office building. In addition to the flags of Japan and Panasonic, there were five-star red flags. I asked the head of the Japanese side, "Is your factory a joint venture with China?" He said with a smile, "It's because you are from China, and we are hanging it this afternoon."

On both sides of the broad conference table in the office are the national flags of China and Japan respectively. In front of our seats are several exquisite colorful paper cranes, which are used as a gift to welcome Beijing guests. The memory is fresh: Chinese software has been recognized by more and more overseas customers.

Over the past 24 years, the company has moved from a long and narrow office to a prime location in Zhongguancun; from the initial single configuration software product to a full range of industrial software products; from local staff to the gradual participation of foreign employees,now comprising more than 700 employees with three independent R&D centers, the company has made great achievements along the way, 台灣亞控”“WELLINTECH”、“ウェリンテック”、“웰인테크”and so on have also entered the world Factories and workshops all over the world.

We believe that WellinTech will provide more and more high-quality software to factories around the world.