WellinTech provides software designer and SCADA software for helping the university.

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Development & Customization

Our R&D strength makes us the Asia’s largest manufacturer of induOur R&D strength makes us the Asia’s largest manufacturer of industrial
automation software for all scales of projects and industries. WellinTech has always been a customer-oriented corporation, and always
supported customers with their flexible choices. To meet the widely-varied requirements of customers in all general verticals and
specialized verticalsof industries, WellinTech offers a number of special services which make customers even more flexible with their

Driver Development & Customization

Our SCADA doesn’t support your device?

WellinTechhas been developing device drivers independently through its independent R&D since its inception. Drivers are the most
important components of any SCADA system. WellinTech has now more than 5000+ drivers for its DAQ products to
support devices from almost all hardware vendors.

  • WellinTech has a strong history in developing and customizing drivers.
  • Provide us the device model and its supported protocol file or just data frame.
  • We will deliver the driver for your device within a month.
  • Get our Driver Development Tool Kit and develop at your organization.

OEM Development

Get OEM to bundle your solution

WellinTech has been providing its OEM products to various customers in multiple countries for the specialized verticals of
the industry.

  • OEM software allows you to introduce solutions without the high cost of software development.
  • Get your white-labeled and customizedWellinTech’s OEM products for the same look and feel of your brand’s products, allowing you to put your own stamp on it.
OEM Development

Project Development

Purchased WellinTech’s KV/KS/KIO/KH/KP/KF, but lack of Experience/Manpower?

WellinTech has two decades of history in SCADA project development. WellinTech has an excellent team of application
development, and has been developing projectsfor its customersin all verticals. Our team will develop the project,
implement it at the site and maintain it remotely.

Special Software Function

Are your projects special?

In special projects, WellinTech’s R&D always help our customers by amendingthe standard software to expand the capability to meet requirements. Provide us the function specifications and you will get your software specialized for your applications. WellinTech’sKingView is FDA 21CFR Part11 featured, but KingSCADA is not. For example, are you taking up a pharma projects which you want to develop with KingSCADA( WellinTech’s high-end SCADA software), we can develop the 21CFR function in KingSCADA to meet your application needs.

Special Software Function
Gallery Element Customization

OCX Customization

Need special OCX support for your project?
  • WellinTech’s SCADA products support wide range of ActiveX controls. If you are looking for speacil OCX suppory.
  • WellinTech will develop OCX controls based on ActiveX with your function specifications, which can be embedded into the project.

Solution Development

Looking for industry solutions?

WellinTech develops industry-based solutions with the combination of its own products or with other vendors. WellinTech has diverse collaboration with domestic and international hardware and software vendors to design solution for you. Give us the requirements specifications and WellinTech will provide you the solution.

Solution Development

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